Anderson County Fair and CARNIVAL!!!


Anderson County Fair will have a little bit of everything for the whole family to enjoy! Some come on down to the Anderson County Fair Grounds.

  • Truck and Tractor Pull -- Saturday, July 26th
  • Music Entertainment Show-Rex Allen Jr. -- Saturday, August 2
  • Draft Horse Pull -- Monday, August 2
  • Parade, Style Revue, Ranch Rodeo, 2nd Annual BPW Craft Tent -- Tuesday, August 5
  • Shodeo, Fair Tent, Pie Baking Contest -- Wednesday, August 6
  • Steer/Heifer Show/Petting Zoo  -- Thursday, August 7
  • Livestock Sale -- Friday, August 8
  • Demolition Derby -- Saturday, August 9
Fun Time Show Carnival rides 
will be at the
2014 Anderson County Fair for 4 nights!
August 5th - 8th 
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Rides for children, teens, and adults!
Advanced ticket sales wrist bands for $15
Wrist bands sold during county fair for $20
Wrist bands good for one night/different color wrist band per night

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