Debit Card Security

At Patriots Bank, we continually look for ways that we can protect our cardholders from fraud. Sometimes, we're able to do things behind the scenes that have no noticeable impact on your card usage... but other times, the changes we make affect the way you use your card. To ensure that you're able to use your card when you need it, please read this information. And, remember to check back as this information can change regularly.

Required Use of PIN

If you do not know your PIN, please call 1-800-717-4923 to set up a new one.

All international transactions, beyond the completely blocked countries, will require the use of your PIN. Because the list of blocked countries changes from time to time, please feel free to contact any location at any time to find out which ones are on the list.

Enhanced Security Monitoring—Shazam Falcon Fraud Manager

We utilize Shazam Falcon Fraud Manager (FFM), a fraud scoring system for all signature-based transactions on your Debit Card. We are excited to offer this layer of protection from possible account fraud, thus minimizing your risk and protecting you against losses.

Shazam is our bank’s debit card provider and you will find their symbol on the back of your debit card. The very nice people are Fraud Specialists and work within a specialized fraud prevention group. They continually monitor all customer's debit card transactions in real-time, regardless of dollar amount. Fraud detection involves identifying transactions based on a predetermined set of rules or guidelines that appear to be suspicious. If a suspicious transaction is detected, a case is opened. Case management includes contacting cardholders to determine if the transaction is valid.

In order to detect fraud, Falcon scores transaction information using a neural network model, FICO® Falcon Fraud Manager that has been trained to analyze different factors about transactions and the cardholder. These rules are updated frequently to keep up with new fraud attempts. Each transaction receives a score from 1 to 999 (the higher the score, the greater the likelihood of fraud). Then, Falcon creates cases, which consist of information about a suspect card and the transaction history. These cases are investigated by SHAZAM Fraud Specialists to determine if they consist of valid or fraudulent transactions.

When a transaction scores high enough, a Falcon case is triggered and a SHAZAM Fraud Specialist attempts to contact our cardholder to verify transaction activity. Depending on how high the transaction scores, it may be declined outright or it may not be. Regardless, a case is created, you will initially receive a text message asking to confirm or deny the transaction. If you do not respond within five minutes, or you cannot receive text messages, you will receive a phone call. During this phone call to you will be asked information to verify your identity, please note Shazam will never ask for any numbers off of your debit card.  If a Fraud Specialist is unable to contact the cardholder,  may place a temporary block on the card to halt all transaction activity until the client can be reached. 

If you have set up text or email alerts through Shazam BOLT$, you will receive notice of the suspicious transaction with any necessary action steps. These texts and emails are sent out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The app can be downloaded quickly from the Google Play or Apple App stores and new users will choose “New Mobile Card User” on the home page to add a debit card and set up their personalized alerts.

It is very important that our cardholders provide us with their most up to date contact information and, more specifically, communication channels that they regularly check. Please provide the bank with your most frequently checked email address so you receive your Shazam BOLT$ notifications or any other important notifications from the bank as early as possible. Mobile numbers are important as well, especially if a transaction is blocked, real-time and the fraud specialist is trying to reach out to you.

Travel Notification

For some time, we have asked you to let us know when you are traveling so that we can take steps to prevent interrupted usage of your card. Be sure to call any location, send us a Secure Message through Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app, or stop into a branch before you leave to let us know where you're headed. We'll need to know all of the states (or countries) you plan to visit, including any airport layovers and the dates that you will be traveling. Please note: we can only add travel notifications to your card during normal banking hours.

Do we have up-to-date contact information for you?

Contact us anytime to ensure that we have current phone numbers, including your mobile phone number. You can update this information at any time by stopping into a branch or sending us a Secure Message through Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app.