Business Online Banking

Patriots Bank’s Business online banking offers solutions to help your business run smoothly and economically. We know you require fast and accurate information on your latest account balances. Our Balance Reporting service allows a business to create balance reports on individual accounts or any combination of accounts. You can view your online statements and cleared checks. 

Cash Management

Cash Management services are a suite of online tools for our commercial customers, designed to efficiently process the collection of receivables, control disbursements or payments, reconcile accounts, provide balance information, and manage cash flow. Access to each service is assigned individually to authorized users or designated sub-users.

Cash Management services allow commercial business users to efficiently control cash flow and balances. Below is a brief summary of each service.

ACH Credit Origination

ACH Credit batches are a type of ACH origination service that allows users to make direct deposits into other people’s accounts. This service is useful for small businesses that want to offer direct paycheck deposits to their employees (Direct Deposit).

ACH Debit Origination

ACH Debit batches are a type of ACH origination service that allows users to make direct withdrawals from other people’s accounts, as long as they have permission from the account owners. This service is useful for small businesses that want to offer users the convenience of paying their bills automatically (Auto Debit or Direct Payment).

Check Reconciliation (Positive Pay)

Check Reconciliation allows users to monitor checks clearing their accounts to prevent check fraud. The system can quickly identify any fraudulent transactions by comparing an issued check/payment file with the processed check/ payment file and notifying the financial institution of any exceptions that need to be handled.


Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) batches are a type of ACH origination service that allows users to pay their federal taxes by direct deposit. This service is especially useful for businesses that need to pay taxes quarterly.

NACHA Import

The NACHA Import feature allows users to import NACHA-formatted files that include both credit and debit items. They are typically received from third-party software programs and may contain balanced and unbalanced, mixed batch files including credits, debits, and pre-notes.

Wire Transfers Requests

Wire transfers are transfers of funds from an account at one financial institution to an account at another financial institution. Users can send wire transfer requests directly to their financial institution, selecting an Online Banking account that will be debited for the transaction. Your financial institution debits the selected account when the wire transfer request is processed.

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Mobile Banking

Go Mobile! We have Mobile Banking options for just about anyone.

With our Mobile Banking app, we’re in the palm of your hand (literally). Download the app and get almost all of the same functionality that you have with Online Banking (minus special cash management functions) from your smartphone or mobile device. Don’t have a smartphone? That’s OK, we also have a web version that you can use from any mobile browser.

Keep tabs on your balance, transfer funds, view transactions or review loan information

Set up one-time Bill Payments

Easily locate branches or ATMs—search by city, ZIP code or use your location feature on your phone

Available for Android™ phones and iPhones®

Normal data usage charges from your wireless carrier may apply; contact your carrier for details. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.