Personal Debit/ATM Cards Information

A Shazam® Debit Card is a convenient way to purchase goods and services.  With the simple swipe of a card, you can make payments and withdraw cash from your checking account. 

Shazam® Debit Card can be used in the following ways:

  • At ATM and POS locations using a PIN
  • At any Debit MasterCard® location, by signing for the transaction like a credit card.  However, unlike a credit card, the funds are deducted directly from your checking account.

When you apply for a Shazam® Debit Card, you agree not to share your personal identification number (PIN) with anyone.  This means you shouldn’t write it on the card or elsewhere in your wallet or purse where a thief can have access to it. 

Come in to any of our locations to apply for your Shazam® Debit Card.

Has your Shazam® Debit card been lost or stolen?
Contact us immediately a Patriots Bank location during banking hours.  After banking hours, call Shazam directly at 800.383.8000 and ask them to “hotcard” your Shazam® Debit card. 

*You must have an established checking account with Patriots Bank to apply.

**We reserve the right to refuse a card request or cancel a card that has been issued. 


Questions and Answers about Shazam® Debit Card

What is a MasterCard® Debit Card?
A debit card is a plastic, encoded card that you can use to make purchases or get cash with the funds being automatically deducted from your Patriots Bank checking account.

Shazam® Debit is the “brand” of debit card we offer.  It essentially operates as an electronic paperless check.  It doubles as an ATM card for making cash withdrawals or transfers between your checking and savings account.  The card carries the MasterCard® logo so you can use it any place around the world that accepts MasterCard®.

Is Shazam® Debit Card a credit card?
No.  As a debit card, it automatically deducts purchases from your checking account rather than adding to the balance on a line of credit.

What does it cost?
Your initial card is free!  Patriots Bank does not charge fees in association with a Shazam® Debit card.  However, if you use your debit card at another bank’s ATM there will be a $1.00 fee plus, that bank will probably charge you a transaction fee.

How do I keep track of purchases?
Each purchase will be detailed on your monthly statement.  Plus, merchants will give you a receipt for your purchases over $25 and ATMs will provide transaction receipts.  Be sure to record the receipts in your check register.

How do I use my Shazam® Debit  card?
When making a purchase at a merchant location, present your card to the merchant.  You can use the card with your PIN as a debit transaction, or with your signature as a credit transaction.  Whether you use your PIN or signature, the funds will be withdrawn from your checking account.   For ATM transactions you must use your PIN number and follow the instructions on the terminal.

Do I pay interest or finance charges on my purchase?
No, because debit card purchases are posted to your checking account.  You are not making a credit purchase subject to finance charges.  The only fees may be those associated with your ATM usage.

Are there any restrictions?
Daily limits are established for your debit card.  The daily limits are set at $700.00 for total withdrawals and $300.00 cash.The limit protects you in case your card is lost or stolen. 

Also, be aware that if you reserve a hotel room (or other similar situation) with your Shazam® Debit card and a merchant processes an authorization to verify the card, even though that amount will not be deducted from your checking account, the authorization amount will count against your daily limit each day until the authorization is processed or cancelled.  For this reason, it is best to use a credit card to reserve a hotel room.

When purchasing goods or services on-line with your debit card, understand that you have no recourse if the goods or services you purchase are not to your liking or don’t arrive in tact.  For this reason it is best practice to use a credit card rather than your debit card when making on-line purchases.


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